NGO Website

NGO Website

“Non Government Organisations (NGOs)”

Raising funds has been a big task for NGOs. Non Governmental Organizations working in fields related to education, unemployment, women and children's welfare, disaster management, and poverty often find that lack of visibility holds back their efforts at getting sponsorships. To take your message across to donors and sponsors, you need a cheap promotion vehicle.

NPO's (Non Profit Organisations) are amongst the top website owners on the web as the NGO website is one of the most useful resources for them to convey their information and achievents to a large wider audience. They use it as a platform to get new members to join their initiative and when the need arises can also reach to a broader spectrum of donors andraise Additional Support / Funds.

Pro Creations is always assist NGO's / Nonprofit organisations and other charitable organisations with website design, website promotion, multimedia presentations, E-learning presentation and video needs.

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Main Motto of Web services is Raising Funds and Reaching to global audience

Raising Funds

The internet has been a gift to those who want to raise funds but do not have a large budget for promotion and advertising.

If you find it too expensive to advertise in newspapers or magazines, the best way to reach out to corporate, institutional and individual donors is through a well-designed website. Websites are cheaper to build, they can carry your message across to many people, and they can promote your organization for a long time. Pro Creattions goal is to facilitate individual supporters, NRIs, Corporates & Funding Agencies reach your NGOs by building professional NGO websites. We’re adding more features, focused on providing professional information, timely editorials, and community-building tools for your website so that your supporters keep coming back for more.

We’ll build a new, crisp NGO website with professional look & information. Right now, we have built up number of professional NGO websites for major NGOs in Maharashtra, India.

A well designed site encourages visitors to stay on the site and learn more. Some of these visitors may be potential donors. To turn visitors into sponsors, your site needs to do some fast-paced promotion of the causes you are working for, your track record, your goals, and how they can contribute to social welfare. Online payment facilities can encourage more people to donate, because the process is simple and involves no lengthy paperwork or check drafting. In other words, a good NGO website design "converts" visitors to donors.

Reaching Out

However, raising funds is not the only reason for putting up an NGO website. Many NGOs aim to reach as many people in distress as possible. A website aimed at women facing domestic violence needs to provide helpline numbers and addresses of nearest contact centers prominently so those in desperate situations can look for it when they need it the most. Flashy graphics and promotional banners will not be appropriate here, but simple, easy-to-find information will be of immense help.

An NGO can also use its website to attract volunteers who are willing to help. A forum can generate discussions and debates, and help people work out issues that they face personally. Since getting the word out is the most powerful strategy for any NGO, a sound NGO website design is a powerful tool to help NGOs achieve that. The more people know about you, the better your chances of finding someone willing to help. And the greater your chances of reaching out to those who need help.

At Live Pages, we believe in doing the best for our clients, be they giant conglomerates or small NGOs. If you run an NGO or are affiliated to one, and need someone to do a good NGO website design job at a reasonable price, get in touch with us. We can help.

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Internet Marketing

“ Now a day Internet presents business with an huge opportunity. Millions of people are already connected and the number is growing every second.”

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Local SEO

“ Now a day Internet presents business with an huge opportunity. Millions of people are already connected and the number is growing every second.”
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