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Pro Creations design and develop Marathi and Hindi Websites using the latest unicode technology in which the website browser does not have to download any font or a software. Our multilingual websites also support search engine optimimzation for increasing traffic from your local language and target audience.

Multilingual website is a website that provides content in more than one language, for example, English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujrati, Tamil French and German.

In some cases only a few sections of the website need to be available in more than a language.In its simplest form, having content available on a page, in different languages, opens your website up to more traffic and to reach a larger audience. If you are reading this you may already have a website that a powerful digital publishing capabilities with an on-demand platform, advanced content management tools and an industry-grade infrastructure needs to cater for different languages.A multi-regional or multilingual website is one that explicitly targets users in various regions. For companies that want to reach a global audience by supplying content in multiple languages.

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We offer specialized multilingual web design skills and have experience building websites in various Indian Languages like marathi,hindi,gujrati & tamil. We work manily on translation to assure rapid development of the multilinual website. The website ina local language or multilanguage gets wider audience respective to it viewership and specific audience. The main imaportant feature of this technology involved in multilingual site developement is : There is no need to download any font.

We use UTF-8 (8-bit Unicode Transformation Format) for encoding. The site can be opened in any modern browser.

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